Luceo Ritual

The beneficial properties of aromatherapy have been known since ancient times, but its popularity in the modern world is as strong as ever. Luceo ritual with Ayurvedic oils from the British premium cosmetics brand ILA is an effective way to harmonize chakras and eliminate energy imbalances.

The treatment starts with the choice of a blend of seven ILA pomanders. You may choose by yourself or trust an experienced spa therapist by answering a few questions about your well-being and lifestyle.

First you will be treated with a scrub and foot massage, then the master proceeds to massage the upper body using special techniques made even more effective by the essential oils, creating an additional therapeutic effect. The final chord is a light massage of the face and scalp.

Throughout the procedure, you will inhale aromas of nature that will establish peace of mind and bring the body and mind into a state of calm harmony.

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